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Northside Hi-Fi is a unique place to purchase all your 2 channel music or multi-channel home theatre equipment.

The products we do stock are carefully selected for their performance, build quality and service support  We continually evaluate other brands and are regularly offered new product lines.

Each component in the system must work hand in glove with the next.  We put enormous effort into ensuring that our electronics and speakers are beautifully balanced so they can create that bit of 'magic' when playing your favourite tracks.  Speaker cables and interconnects are chosen with the same care.  Many a good speaker has been put with many a good amplifier only to result in poor quality sound.  Careful matching and selection are critically important!  You, our customer, are guaranteed a beautiful sounding system with stunning pictures from our award winning projectors (for those of you requiring theatre).

More than three decades of experience will ensure you get top quality advice regardless of the size of your budget.  The best advertisement is our customers telling their friends and family what a great system they have purchased.

So if good old fashioned service from people with a real passion for what they do is what you are looking for, then, drop in and see us and trust your ears...

...you'll be glad you did!

Mervyn Marshall.

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